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25 Below 2016

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Surreal Visions Online Painting & Photography Exhibition
Juried by Shaktima Brien

Winners of the Surreal Visions Online Painting & Photography Exhibition
Art ex-aequo: Marie Chantal Le Breton and Robert R. Bradshaw
Photography: Dale O' Dell

Collect SociaLIGHTS

The SociaLIGHTS is a series of Painted Portraits by Shaktima Brien
to be featured in the upcoming film Mirages, a Film Noir on the Palm Springs Art Scene.

With this painting, “The Visionaire Prince”, inspired by Photographer William Dey, Shaktima Brien is creating a limited number of Painted Portraits that will appear in a curated Art Exhibition of Celebrities, Characters and Personalities called the SociaLIGHTS at Gallery 446. The paintings will also be part of the movie MIRAGES, a feature film she will direct and co-produce with Dimitri Halkidis this summer in Palm Springs. If you want to be included in this exceptional series of SociaLIGHTS Painted Portraits, please contact

SociaLIGHTS are creative, sociable and bright. They have presence and charisma that can't be ignored. They inspire others to do good.

The Good Life in Palm Springs by Nancy Baron

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Size Queen by David Page & Eros Biox

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The Mongolian Easter Bunny by Kenny Irwin

Featuring Artist Kenny Irwin

Artist Reception Saturday, March 14th, 2015 6PM - 12 AM.
444-446 S Indian Canyon, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Jim Evans, Brandon Boyd, Moby, EMEK, Risk, Piper Ferguson, Estevan Oriol, Richard Corman, Steven Adler, Adam Bravin, Jannette Beckman, Franki Chan, Block, Patrick Hoelck, The Blakhat, Bobby Alt, Dimitri Halkidis, Rob Aston, Steve Olson, Cisco Adler, Craig Skibs Barker, Dj Poet, Andy Dick, Opie Ortiz, Nico Turner, Jessicka Adams, Joseph Arthur, Neal Casal, Mod Sun, Ash X Auxs, Betsy Newman

After Party Photo Exhibit
Presented by Gallery 446 & Freixenet

Featured Artists: Patrick McMullan, Rob Lebow, Lani Garfield
David Crotty, Dimitri Halkidis

Reception on Saturday, January 3rd, 2015 at 10:00 PM
Exhibition runs until February 1, 2015

Magical, Musical, Iconic Hollywood

Reception on Tuesday, January 20th, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Holiday Art Auction (Dec. 13, 2014; 6 - 9 PM)

Join art enthusiasts for a special exhibition, live music, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres hosted by Kimberly Funkey, Angela Romeo and Caroldean Ross. The beneficiary for this event will be Charity Godmother. Jazz and Art preview will begin at 6PM with a a live auction at 8PM.

Featured Artists: 
Mauro Oliveira, Johnie Thornton, Jon Measures, Ryan Campbell
Andy Ha, Neal Breton, Dave Woodman, Christopher James, Christiana Zifcak;
with Special Guest Fedor Rogovets

RSVP required and space is limited; please RSVP to reserve a your space
RSVP at: or

Rob Lebow's "Gorgeous" Exhibition

Opening Reception on Saturday Nov. 8, 6 PM

Artist, Activist, and Philanthroper Rob Lebow will celebrate his solo exhibition GORGEOUS at Gallery 446 in Palm Springs. The evening will benefit anti-bullying organization BOO2bullying, an anti-bullying organization; "Artists awakening the world to the negativity of bullying and how zero tolerance is the only answer to create a safe learning environment for youth."

Lebow is currently working on a book of photographs entitled, GORGEOUS. The GORGEOUS PROJECT has made tremendous strides to promote progressive gender concepts and piqued interest among Fine Art and Entertainment enthusiasts alike. Featuring over 100 prominent LGBT performers and celebrities an ensembleof iconic curated portraits and personal stories such as:

Armen Ra, Amanda Lepore, Buck Angel, Calperina Adams, Candis Cayne, Cake Moss, Delta Work, Eddie Delight, Ethylina Canne, Ernie Omega, Elizabeth James, Grace Towers, Gerry Visco, Honey Mahogny, Jimmy James, Juanita More, Jason Wimberly, Johna Myers, Lauren Foster, Landon Cider, Lagana Estranga, Lola Showgirl, Maria Roman, Miss Fame, Penny Arcade, Pauline Park, Raja, Sister Roma, YOZMIT, and more!

View Rob Lebows Biography | Collect Rob Lebow's Photography

Past, Present, Future
A Benjamin Alejandro Exhibition

Opening reception 6PM - 9PM on Saturday, October 11th, 2014
446 South Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Looking For Wonder Exhibition
Featuring Susanna Schulten

Opening reception 7PM - 10PM on Saturday, October 4th, 2014
444 South Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Featuring: Aluir Batista, Neal Breton, Ryan Campbell, Jon Measures, Mauro Oliveira, Johnie Thorton, Abe A. Tostado, Randall Weidne, Larry Weitz

Featuring: Shari Belafonte

Face Off Photography Exhibition by Shari Belafonte

Featured Artists: Isaac Pelayo, Skyler Grey, Joe Collings, Mac Stewart, Cameron Derby, Chantele Kenedy, Monel Aliote, Cali Killa

The 25 Below Exhibition at Gallery 446 features 8 artists under the age of 25 years old.
The exhibition will take place between September 6th to October 5th with the opening reception on September 6th from 6-9 PM. This show is curated by Skyler Grey and Eddie Donaldson with the proceeds benefiting a non-profit anti-bullying organization, Boo2bullying.

PALM SPRINGS, CA, June 17, 2014 – When Steve Chase was honored by Desert AIDS Project at “A Valentine’s Gala” in 1993, along with former first ladyBetty Ford and McDonald’s heiress Joan Kroc, the program for the evening noted:

Steve’s intense interest in art has generated a significant collection of contemporary art, displayed in his private residences and Rancho Mirage office. While his collection contains museum quality works, he constantly acknowledges and seeks out work by young and upcoming artists. He is a supporter of art scholarships … and major contributions from his collection have been made to the Desert Museum in Palm Springs.

When the award-winning interior designer created his own 7,000-square-foot home in the desert, Chase made sure the living room was large enough to display his 17-foot-wide painting by Helen Frankenthaler, along with other massive works of modern art. Chase designed interiors and helped choose artwork for homes around the world of celebrity clients like Dyan Cannon, Farrah Fawcett, Gene Hackman, Johnny Mathis, and a variety of others. Right here in the Coachella Valley, clients like Helene Galen not only counted Chase as the talented professional who designed her home’s interiors but also as a friend.

Involved with Desert AIDS Project from its earliest days, Chase was a long-time volunteer, donor, and board member. He knew that one of his clients had already made gifts totaling more than $5 million to support AIDS research and provide care through her Joan B. Kroc Foundation. Working closely with Mrs. Kroc, Chase helped make possible her major gift that created the first medical clinic at Desert AIDS Project.

Following his death in 1994, many in the community rallied together the very next year to create the First Annual Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards gala, to benefit D.A.P. Twenty years later, the event has grown to become one of the highlights of the Palm Springs social season. Honoring major HIV/AIDS activists from science and medicine, as well as stars of stage and screen, “the Steve Chase” attracts 1500 or more attendees from across the country and has grossed well over $1 million for the last several years.

Now, Chase is helping to contribute to D.A.P. once again through the Steve Chase Associates Art Collection. Gil Rose, a long-time member of D.A.P.’s Partners for Life annual giving program, along withStan Russell. Rose, who is also D.A.P.’s Volunteer Curator of Art & Collectibles, said “This is everyone’s opportunity to purchase artwork from the D.A.P. Archival Collection, including the Chase Collection and works from a variety of other artists.”

Dimitri Halkidis, who regularly offers his talents as a photographer on a pro bono basis, has made his Gallery 446, at 446 S. Indian Canyon Way, available for showing this art collection. Following an opening reception on July 5, the collection will be on display until August 31.

Collect The HeART of Giving

Collect Angelina Christina's Work
View Angelina Christina's Artist Biography

Also Featuring:
Josh Trout, Rolland Berry, Venice Buddha, SLICK,
MDMN, Teacher, Serf, Risk, Gregory Siff,
Sebastien Walker, Bryden Lando, Jim Evans, Kenton Parker

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Christopher Georgesco's Wall Pieces presented by Gallery 446 (c) dimitri photography
Christopher Georgesco's Biography | Collect Christopher Georgesco

We Love Boobies Event at Gallery 446


ICONS - January 4th, 2014. Gallery 446 Palm Springs, California 92262.

Submissions - November 24th, 2013. Gallery 446 Palm Springs, California 92262.
Submissions - November 24th, 2013. Gallery 446 Palm Springs, California 92262.

Artists Awaking the World - July 5th - 18th, 2013. Gallery 446 Palm Springs, California 92262.
Artists Awaking the World - July 5th - 18th, 2013. Gallery 446 Palm Springs, California 92262.

Congratulations to our 2013
Street Art Submission Winner:


Check out pictures from our Artists' Reception.

This is a free public event, the show runs through October please visit and see these wonderfuls works of art before they are sold out!

A Message from the curator:

Laurie WeitzThis show the Fifth Element has me more excited than I had ever really expected it to be! As a long time patron of the arts, the one area that has eluded me somewhat was street art.

About 8 years ago I went to the opening show that Moca put on where they were featuring Basquiat's work. While I found it fascinating, some how I think because he had such influence from Andy Warhol the work almost felt familiar. I also went to exhibits at the Geffen as well as several other exhibits but I always walked away with the feeling that there needed to be more..... Well now there is!

It's a WOW.... Powerful, beautiful, impactful, thought provoking and connected is what I would now say about Street Art. These amazing artists are definitely part of the development of this relatively new movement in art! It completely feels like art in a way that not only an experience or even critical eye can see but someone who has never been to a museum or gallery before will more likely feel something! These are burgeoning masters in a new genre for the art world and experiencing this show will allow you the opportunity to be part of a piece of history!

Laurie Weitz

Artists Awaking the World - July 5th - 18th, 2013. Gallery 446 Palm Springs, California 92262.

Artists’ Reception:
Sunday, July 5th, 2013
7:00 - 10:00 pm

This is a free public event.

Chad Stephens
Juan-Manuel Alonso
Shaktima Brien
Joe Oppedisano
Amadea Bailey
Michael Hinkle
Dimitri Halkidis
Shari Belafonte
Marjorie Salvaterra

Laurie WeitzA Message from the curator:

I have always loved photography as an artistic way to capture moments or even seconds in time. The skilled eye of a photographer’s work is really quite special; it allows the viewers a glimpse into something they would never see or experience otherwise.

I personally find both traditional, -- old school photography as well as newer digitally enhanced or manipulated work very interesting. In old school photographs we see literal, real, images that rely on the skillful eye and timing of the photographer. By contrast, modern inhanced or manipulated work with color or dropped in images from other sources rely on artistic talent and vision to communicate to the viewer. This creates another form of expression beyond what was captured initially.

In this show Exposed... A Photographic Journey, I wanted to introduce a group of photographers that work in a variety of styles and expose the artistic diversity that can exist within the photography genre. Here each artist represents a different realm within the same medium.

Take a close up look and you will see what they saw!

Laurie Weitz

Exposed At Gallery446

April 26 - June 16, 2013

Artists’ Reception:
Sunday, April 28th, 2013
5:00 - 8:00 pm

This is a free public event.

Exposed Flyer with artsists

Yin Yang Logo, Gallery 446 Palm Springs

Yin Yang Painting by Shaktima Brien

Artists' Reception:
Saturday, March 23, 2013
6pm - 10pm

This is a free public event.
View show details here.

Curated by Laurie Weitz

25% of proceeds to benefit
Desert Aids Proct Palm Springs sponsoring the 100 women

PHOTOEROTIKA Exhibition coming May 2013
PALM SPRINGS, CA - Enjoy a fabulous night out with friends at Gallery 446 and meet photographers Dimitri Halkidis, Joe Oppedisano and Ken Rambo at the Artists' Reception of PHOTOROTIKA UNCENSORED, a collaborative series of male photography.

Artists' Reception:

Saturday, March 23, 2013
6pm - 10pm

Purchase works online:
Dimitri Halkidis
Joe Oppedisano
Ken Rambo

25% of proceeds to benefit
Desert Aids Proct Palm Springs sponsoring the 100 women

Marjorie Salvaterra



JANUARY 5 - MARCH 15, 2013

Artist Reception

SATURDAY, January 5, 2013 
6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

20% of proceeds benefit BOO2bullying, An Anti-bullying Organization.


Marjorie Salvaterra PALM SPRINGS, CA - Enjoy a fabulous night out with friends at Gallery 446's latest show, "HALLELUJAH" and meet photographer, Marjorie Salvaterra at the Artists' reception January 5th, 2013, 6-10 PM. 

Marjorie Salvaterra’s images reveal “a fine line between sanity and insanity,” according to Virginia Heckart, Associate Curator of Photography at The Getty Center.  Salvaterra’s exhibitions include: Rencontres d’Arles, Arles, France; Clark-Oshin Gallery, Los Angeles, Solo Exhibit, 2011; MOPLA Opening Night Solo Exhibit - 2011, Los Angeles; "Fuck Pretty" - Robert Berman Gallery, Los Angeles, 2011, “Classic Camera Show,” Rayko Photo Center, San Francisco; “Contrast LA,” at A&I Gallery, Los Angeles; “Alternative Photography,” at Julia Dean Gallery, Los Angeles; and the “Human + Being” show at The Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Her work was included in the George Eastman House Museum auction at Sotheby’s, New York and she was runner-up for the 2009 and 2010 Berenice Abbott Prize for Emerging Photographers.

Marjorie's great achievement is as a wife and mother of two.  She makes her home in Los Angeles, California. 

Event Location: 
446 S. Indian Canyon, Drive.
Palm Springs, CA 92262 

Gallery 446
SOIN Studios
Shop Works by Marjorie Salvaterra



The Surreal Show

Artist's Reception
Saturday, October 6, 2012.
6 PM - 10 PM.


OCTOBER 6, 2012 - NOVEMBER 27, 2012 Curated By:
Shaktima Brien

Featuring Artists:
•Robert Bradshaw
•Cindy Bookout
•Shaktima Brien
•Charles Ciali
•Monica Cuyto
•William Dey Danovsky
•Shahram Farshadfar
•Michael Hinkle
•Timothy Kroe
•Jamie O'Neil
•Gary Patterson
•Bret Philpot
•Jorge Sicre
•William Webster

Last Spring, after seeing the Surreal show at LACMA, Shatkima invisioned curating a Surreal Show in the desert with Palm Springs artists, whose work reflected identities, portraits, self-referential images, and masquerades that revealed their soul-journey, mind-treasures and self-realizations.

Sam Phillips will host the event with Dimitri Halkidis, Creative Director at Gallery 446.

20% of Event's procedes will benefit BOO2bullying, an anti-bullying organization.

View Artists' Bios

William Webster, Fine Art


Original Paintings By William Webster

Paint, Sand, Glitter. Uncommon techniquest conjure in a magnificent fashion. William's works are beautiful, elegant, true pieces of art. This is a show that should not be missed.
Artist's Reception was Friday, June 1, 2012. 6 - 10 PM.

View Artist's Bio: William Webster
Browse and Shop: William Webster

Andre Genevoy Gallery446

Andre Genovoy

Original Metal Sculptures By Andre Genevoy

Welded scrap pieces and steel gazing balls make ethereal and unique art pieces. Andre weled life and movement into each piece from a golden sail to a sumersaulting figure and more.
View Artist's Bio: Andre Genovoy
Browse and Shop: Andre Genevoy

Mauro Oliveira Piece of Art


KELLY.X uses the classic Pin-up style for her intricate and beautifuly detailed art pieces.
View Bio: KELLY.X
Browse and Shop: KELLY.X

Hinkle Moderne

Hinkle Moderne

By Artist Michael Hinkle

Paint, Mixed media art featuring Palm Springs Architecture and self portrait photography.
View Bio: Michael Hinkle
Browse and Shop: Michael Hinkle

Mauro Oliveira Piece of Art

Mauro Oliveira

Using pinstriping Mauro put together beautifuly detailed art pieces which were heavily varnished for an immaculate reflective sheen. Mauro's pieces were warmly received and many pieces sold immediately!
View Bio: Mauro Oliveira
Browse and Shop: Mauro Oliveira

Dimitri Halkidis Gallery 446

Dimitri Halkidis

Photographer Dimitri Halkidis is world traveled and reknown for his work with celebrities, royalty and classic black and white photography.

View Artist's Bio: Dimitri Halkidis
Browse and Shop: Dimitri Halkidis



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