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Gallery 446: Supporting Local Artists, Exhibitions

Gallery 446 was inaugurated in August 2010 as a Contemporary Art Gallery by Dimitri Halkidis, visionaire world-traveler and renown photographer.

Once nestled in a modern, architectural building, designed by famous Palm Springs architect Donald Wexler, Gallery 446 is now developing even larger and bigger online, and with local programs such as juried competitions, curated events, and pop-up shows in Palm Springs and Los Angeles.

After hundreds of edgy, avant-garde, street, sleek and classy exhibitions, featuring seasoned, mid-career, and budding artists, Gallery 446 continues to draw qualitative attention from devoted collectors, and outstanding coverage from local and international media, for its innovative, endearing and ground-breaking projects.

A Man With a Vision

Dimitri Halkidis, a world-traveled and renown photographer, visited Palm Springs for the first time in 1986. "Scenic, beautiful, the perfect place to get away and find peace... I can get things done without the noise and pollution of the big city."

In 2009 Dimitri left the big city for Palm Springs. He noted he missed the friendly residents and atmosphere- so much so that he could no longer be away from it.

Fast-forward to 2015, Gallery 446 is a local treasure. Incoming Artists from the local area as well as those from LA and International artist have graced the walls.

We invite you to join us for our next show at Gallery 446. We are sure you will have a wonderful time libating and chatting with fellow art lovers, we always do!



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