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Self Portrait, Modern Architectural Fine Art.

Michael Hinkle

As a young boy growing up in the Palm Springs area Michael was obsessed with cartoons, drawing, photography, television, and magazines. His parents encouraged his creative side by buying art supplies and letting him turn his bedroom into an artists studio- littered with drawings, magazine clippings, and experimental works-in-progress.

Michael has been modeling for photographers for over 20 years and has collected a catalogue of images that are often used for his self-portrait style figurative paintings. Most of his early paintings were experimental, but from his first piece to his latest work, whether figurative, floral, or architectural are all connected and involve a similar process; Words like love, and symbols such as his birth year (1969 and 69), tally marks, and my initials are reoccurring graffiti-like elements in all of the paintings. Michael states "The paintings are moments in time and they are all autobiographical endeavors."

"The process of creating the imagery and making a new painting is unpredictable. I have to approach the ideas with the understanding that I need to be open to allowing the unknown to guide me. I feel lucky when a new work is completed because many things need to fall into place for it to be right and balanced.

My art attempts to spin artifacts of memory, censorship, and eroticism into impressions of dynamic beautiful obfuscation. Inspiration for my paintings is derived from the human body, architecture, photography, color, lines, rhythm, nature, media, and aspects of contemporary culture. The paintings are multilayered and complicated, just like us. I am trying to push the boundaries, and create something new and interesting as a presentation of the world I live in."





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