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Dimitri Halkidis has become one of the more sought after photographers in Southern California. His unique style of photography has earned him a reputation of using natural light and depending on the setting, utilizing natural surroundings to capture the innocence and essence of a photo.

Born in Greece, Dimitri’s vibrant personality, love of family and genuine warmth is what makes his loyal clients continue to in his presence. He makes his clients feel extremely comfortable in order to get “just the right shot” which shows through every frame he shoots.

Dimitri’s uplifting energy, sense of humor fun-loving personality, makes him a favorite among the celebrities he photographs.

Gary Busey, Photography by Dimitri HalkidisPhotography for Dimitri started as a hobby while in high school. Over the years he has turned a lifetime passion into a professional career, where he has achieved excellence.

With a professional background in graphic design since the 80’s Dimitri’s portfolio of work includes Jack Nicholson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Hunter, Kiefer Sutherland, George Clooney and Sharon Stone just to name a few. Dimitri has also covered high profile film premieres, political events, and Sundance Film Festival.

Based in Los Angeles Dimitri has been contracted to photograph A-list celebs both on the national and international circuit.

Dimitri’s images have appeared on the cover of The New York Daily News, Us Magazine, People Magazine, Hello Magazine U.K., Australian & Spanish Cosmopolitan, Zoom and American Photographer.

Collect Dimitri Halkidis' photographic works online



Photographer Dimitri Halkidis of Palm Springs
Dimitri Halkidis


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