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Image of work by Emek, (c) Dimitri Photography.
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Edge of the Universe
By DJ Poet

This is the exclusive and official art piece by DJ Poet (Jaime Munson) for the 2nd Annual Art & Sound Gallery Pop Up Event during the infamous Coachellafest. The art is on a Special Film 'UVHP100' (Ultra-Violet-Holigra-Photo Film) housed in a new style Holographic Frame work, also invented and hand crafted by DJ Poet exclusively for this show and gallery. The Image is a photo poet captured in ONE shot with a technique using Over Exposure on a tripod with very minimal triggered lighting and in absolute darkness, a style he calls Parallel Inversion Photography , fusing techniques used by Neurologists and Bio Scientists. The subject in the photo is N0VEL, an artist and singer featured on the song "Edge Of The Universe" by DjPoet; The piece is one of the first ever in the Modular Arts Medium, fusing new techniques of Light Bending and projection, Hologigraphy, Photography and 3D PRINTING.

30" x 40"






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