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William Webster


Paint, Sand, Glass Glitter. Uncommon techniquest conjure in a magnificent fashion in William's works. Beautiful, elegant, true pieces of art- this is a show that should not be missed.

Beautiful Artwork by William Webster Gallery 446”BEHIND THE SHOW, WHO AM I?”
By Courtney Callahan

Art critics have noted the spirit of Jackson Pollock’s style that flows through the work of Palm Springs artist William O. Webster but in an uncanny twist of fate, it’s not just Abstract Expressionism that these two “action painters” have in common. Both were in horrific accidents: Webster lived. We know Pollock did not.

During the two hours when William was clinically dead on a hospital gurney he saw and communicated with the Divine through the language of vibrant technicolor unknown on earth. Thus, spiritually and artistically, he became consumed with a new passion for color — color as an aspect of the Divine that he had experienced for himself and lives to share with others.

When Webster awoke out of his two day coma, he had one question: Who am I? His search for the answer is this show. We can see in his pieces where he grapples with his blocks in an ocean storm scenario or slips into the bliss of his opened heart. His search evokes our empathy for we feel his uncertainty, humility, anger, faith and surrender through his painting. In exquisite irony, Jackson Pollock entitled his very last work, “Search”.

In the spirit of Pollock and for all of us, Webster, through the series of paintings encompassing this show, takes us on the ultimate journey— the search for the true Self. This series of works can be viewed as if they were movie stills. Webster’s goal, upon graduating with honors in Art from Cass Technical High School in Detroit, was to move to California and work as an animator for Disney. He didn’t get the job. But now, years later, he is working as an animator for the Divine.

Webster drew his inspiration for this show from a tract written by an Indian saint named Ramana Maharshi. It is a short spiritual classic that is as fresh, relevant and miraculous today as it was when first uttered in the late 1800s.

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William's art is on public display at Gallery 446 until sold or September 2012.




William Webster artist Palm Springs

William Webster


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