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Yin Yang by Shaktima Brien
Shaktima Brien


Artist's Reception:
Saturday, March 23, 2013
6 pm - 10 pm

This is a free public event.

Curated by Laurie Weitz

Introduction by Laurie Weitz

“At a very early age I developed a passion for art, but perhaps more importantly I wanted to share this experience with others.

I will never forget the first time I brought someone to a gallery who had never been to one before. It was such a moving experience to witness how it impacted them. It in fact added such value it changed their life forever.

I was lucky that I had parents who exposed my brother and I to art as young kids. My parents actually took us out of school one day to see the King Tut exhibit in Los Angeles. Again another treasured memory and experience. Growing up we had extremely contemporary art in our home, unlike anything I ever saw at any of my friends homes. Although that was my parents’ preference in artistic expression, they continued to expose us to a lot of different art forms. As a result, I became aware of the importance of not only art in my life but of artists as well. To this day, I love diversity, and enjoy a broad range of talents. I believe art should make you feel something, it could just make you smile or it could be much deeper than that and this is why you should have art in your home. You want to look at it, and feel the vibrations that it conveys. Like many things, art is subjective, and everyone is different, so my thought behind the Yin and Yang exhibition, was to introduce a group of artists who express themselves in a variety of multi-media works.

My first desire and hope is that new, emerging, as well as experienced collectors, will connect and discover new communications and dimensions in this diverse yet cohesive group show. There is however a little more behind this labor of love.

I am equally impassioned by the need to support and promote emerging, working and living artists, as well as the ever so brave gallery owners who exhibit their works. If we as patrons and patronesses of the arts do not collect these burgeoning masters, we are in danger of losing them.

So it is my hope to stimulate you to revisit how you see art, and at the same time to support and bring into your home the works of those living and working artists.

Now finally last but certainly not least I want to have fun! And while doing so help to raise money and awareness for important causes. That for me hits on every sensor.”

- Laurie Weitz, 2013


A percentage of proceeds to benefit

Desert Aids Proct Palm Springs sponsoring the 100 women

Event sponsored by
Cafe de Frida Palm SpringsSherill and Associates LogoSoin Studios, Palm Springs
Swank Interiors


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