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On Saturday, September 20th Artist, Activist, Actress & Supermodel Shari Belafonte will celebrate her 60th birthday as part of the Face Off Exhibition at Gallery 446 in Palm Springs. The evening will benefit The Lili Claire Foundation, providing resources, support and hope for children living with special needs, and their families.

Belafonte is currently working on a book of photographs entitled GIMME YOUR GOOFY-IST where a portion of the proceeds will go to The Lili Claire Foundation. In the book, she photographs both recognizable and not so recognizable people making less than flattering faces in an effort to stop judging others for their physical appearance and the way they act due to physical and emotional conditions beyond their control.

Belafonte explains, “When I was a kid, it was popular to call someone a retard. We’ve come to know that this is not politically correct and it can be quite hurtful. Nonetheless, people still continue to pick on others for the way they look or act. This book is going to capture people that you often don’t see in an unflattering light, everyone at their goofiest, putting us all on the same level.” She continues, “I will have some photos I have already taken displayed on the gallery walls and you may catch me photographing some goofy faces the night of the party. I might even use you to be a part of it!”

Belafonte rose to fame with a starring role on the Aaron Spelling drama, Hotel. Soon more acting work and international modeling campaigns followed with Vogue covers and a host of other magazines worldwide. She is the daughter of living legend, Harry Belafonte and the wife of actor, Sam Behrens. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for Lili Claire Communications.

Gallery 446 was inaugurated in August of 2010 as a contemporary art gallery located in a gorgeous building designed by famous architect, Donald Waxler. Today, the space is known as one of the hottest galleries in the Coachella Valley.

The Face Off Exhibition & Shari Belafonte Birthday Event is curated by Laurie Weitz and generously sponsored by Revel Spirits, Wang’s in the Desert, and Crater Lake Vodka.

Shari Belafonte’s 60th Birthday Party is on Saturday, September 20th at Gallery 446 located at 444 S. Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA from 6pm – 9pm. Please RSVP at or 760-459-3142.


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