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The 5th Element, the Golden Era of Street Art"


Artist Gregory Siff
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Artist Gregory Siff has become one of the most prolific and exciting forces in the Los Angeles contemporary art scene. His work and personality has been popping up all across the city; most recently at ACE Museum where Gregory painted a mural for a charity art auction held by renowned auction house Christie’s and non-profit The Art of Elysium. Interview Magazine called Gregory’s 30 foot painting of the over 75 donating artist’s likeness “Epic.”

Gregory is truly a contemporary American artist. Creating images that blend Pop Art and Abstract-expressionism, Siff's work is vibrant and arresting, with an emotionalism normally absent in urban art. His distinct handmade style merges unique elements of abstraction, street, and fine art; his technique coalesces the voice of a fearless child with the wisdom of a seasoned warrior. Most recently he was selected by Vans Custom Culture to be one of their "Art Ambassadors", inspiring students across the United States to embrace their creativity. His hand-painted custom Vans sneakers were on view at The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City.
Gregory Siff is from the World. He has exhibited at Gallery Brown (2012 LA); Scope (2012 Art Basel, Miami); Fred Segal x Lab Art (2013 LA); The Art of Elysium’s Pieces of Heaven, (2012 & 2013 LA); The Art Reserve x Siren Studios (2012, LA);  G Show (2011, LA). He has done commissions and installations for Deitch Projects, The Standard Hotel, Tumblr, Electronic Arts, Sega, Christie’s, Vans, Twelve Bar, Red Bull, Hasbro, The Art of Elysium, Ciroc, Siren Studios and Warner Brothers Records. He has collaborated with artists RISK, James Georgopoulos, Louis XXX, Mar, 2wenty, and Beau Dunn. His work has been seen in magazines such as Interview, The Wall Street Journal, Flaunt, LA Times, Complex, Paper, 12 Oz. Prophet, LA Weekly, and has done the cover of LA Canvas.

"I make paintings to hang on your wall, play characters you meet in your dreams, and write stories you heard when you were falling asleep as a kid. I am a force in the world like my father." –
Gregory Siff

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