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The 5th Element, the Golden Era of Street Art"


 RYAN "MOTEL" CAMPBELLRyan Motel Campbell is well-known to many people as a highly-visible, dedicated artist, teacher (working under the Anderson Grant for "At Risk Teens") and art installation consultant but few may know of his background and experience.  Campbell was born in Glendale, California, and comes from a family of seven. 

The name "Motel" was given to him by fellow street artists due to his "giving nature", opening his house to anyone who needed a place to stay.

His love for the arts started with a deep connection to the large scale, vibrant colored murals he would see on regular trips to Venice Beach, California. “Being introduced to art through graffiti changed my perspective on art and execution”, Campbell says.  He found his youthful voice in his graffiti murals and character illustrations.

  Maturity hit and Campbell was starting to feel the monotony in writing his name and working in a specific medium. So he forced a sometimes uncomforted change. He momentarily put down the spray paint and dove in head first making abstract works and studying the figure. Campbell has become a very well rounded artist, drawing and painting with his own unique style. 

Campbell found that working in more refined and classic material gave him the outlet for his more sophisticated urges to create.  His artistic voice has come full circle, now in his 30s Campbell has developed a collector base for his varied styles which keeps him hard at work on a daily basis, teaching art, painting murals and filling commissions for is illustration and his one of a kind abstract portraits.

Campbell also operates his own private fine art services, including installation, restoration, design assistance and collection consultation. He resides in the Coachella Valley.


Ryan Motel Campbell


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