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The 5th Element, the Golden Era of Street Art"



David Flores was born in Tulare, California. He graduated High School from Tulare Union High School in Tulare California, attended college in Santa Barbara and left with an Degree in graphic design. After graduation Flores began his career as a commercial artist in the Skateboarding industry.

Flores worked for Shorty's Skateboards as a freelance Illustrator and first became internationally published in the pages of Transworld Skateboarding magazine for his illustration of the Black Panthers skateboard bearing logo. He also contributed to many other skateboarding companys such as Real, Stereo, Thunder, Doh Doh, BlackMagic, Anti Hero, Powell Peralta, Spitfire Wheels, Lucky Bearings, and Deluxe Distribution. One earlier series of paintings, "Giants", depicted Giant Robots in the City of San Francisco. In 2000, Flores began to design and produce his own limited edition vinyl toys, clothing and paintings with the use of a new style coined "Stained Glass" by the artist himself. One of Flores' early series, called Icons, was painted in 2000. This series included portraits and renderings in his style of the Mother Teresa, Pablo Picasso, Mos Def, Neil Armstrong, Jacques Cousteau, and Sophia Loren. Flores explains that he "wanted to produce a body of work that was aesthetically pleasing with respect and a nod to artists, explorers and influential people of the past and present". Flores had also reworked other familiar icons such as Disney's Mickey Mouse andThumper, both released as vinyl toys. As were the Michelin Man, Donald Duck, Mario Bros. and Homer Simpson, in addition to having graphic work shown on MTV's Fantasy Factory. He also had the Kidrobot toy, Dunny, inducted into the Museum of Modern Art.

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