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Marka 27Marka 27 was born Victor M Quiñonez in Juarez, Mexico 1977. After living in East Dallas for seventeen years paying my dues as an artist and graffiti writer, I painted freights and even served 3 months time for illegal graffiti. Shortly after my release I was blessed with a scholarship to attend the Museum School of Fine Arts. I will never condemn illegal graffiti or tell some one that it won’t get you anywhere in life. 

"Like everything in life one must evolve and proceed to grow within their spirit, and mind. My work began to evolve in Dallas naturally because of my surroundings. Graffiti was my way of conveying a message that reflected the issues that I dealt with as a youth growing up in a drug infested neighborhood with violence and shootings every other night. Graffiti was my outlet and a way of life. It is a true subculture with a rich history and roots. I often paint images that challenge the viewers to ask questions about themselves. I try to create a dialog between my work and the viewer hoping to evoke social consciousness within that individual."




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