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Angela Romeo
Angela Valente Romeo
, lawyer, artist and host/producer of COLLIDING WORLDS TV and RADIO, was born in Cambridge Massachusetts. She is a member of the New
York and California State Bars, specializing in Intellectual Property Law. Her present focus is bringing ART to the public consciousness. Her artwork and jewelry have been
shown in Amsterdam, Paris, San Francisco, San Diego, Palm Desert and Palm Springs.

“My work is a journey as I explore the worlds that make up my multifaceted domain and how those worlds intersect. It is my attempt to show that all things do connect, collide, repel and ultimately work together...My work is combining my worlds – whether it be reinterpreting my photograph on to clay board, my dreams into multimedia pieces or bringing art to as many people as I can reach.”

Her jewelry line, (C) Amvr – upcycled personal adornment with purpose, makes use of many different materials. “How I connect these materials and the message I seek to convey are what makes each piece unique. The subtle or not so subtle message of many pieces will challenge your views; to make you think; to open a dialogue between us and between you and your worlds.” she states. Her work has been seen on the runway, in publications such as Harpers, on the red carpet, and on some of the most fantastic people she has had the pleasure to meet.

COLLIDING WORLDS TV airs weekly on KMIR and KPSE. COLLIDING WORLDS Radio, airs Saturday 11 am to noon on KPSF (MoneyRadio 1200). COLLIDING WORLDS You Tube has over 807,000 views with over 3100 subscribers.

She is married to Attorney Mark Romeo. They share their Berkeley and Palm Springs homes with their tribe of rescues, Pawl the Cat, mini Yorkies Peyton and Parry, Pryce, a wire haired Jack Russell terrier, and Phred, a dog of multibackgrounds.


Angela Romeo

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