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Icons Photography Exhibition

Abe Alvarez

"Dreaming - Angelina Jolie"
photographed by Michel Bourquard
Michel Bourquard, who is originally from Switzerland, started his career in the field of engineering, but soon afterwards found an artistic talent which led him to explore the world of art in photography. He employs a striking array of Styles and techniques, offering an aesthetic that is unique and complex, assured in his depth of combining photography and graphic design. His ability to stretch an image, multiplying them physically and conceptually speaks directly to how images loom and meaning shift in a shared visual history. His work reflects the artist ease, humor and youthful energy which his seen in his wry yet whimsical sense of humor.

He currently resides and works in Los Angeles, the city of angels. Married, with 2 grown sons, he has worked in Switzerland doing industrial, portrait, landscape and art photography. After extensive travelling around the world, the southern landscape of California and ever present sunshine inspired him on his new endeavors.

With a career spanning over several decades, Michel Bourquard has found success in photography throughout his life having been published on over 80+ magazine covers and billboards worldwide. He has worked in commercial and advertising photography working on print ads for such companies as Guess and Winston and large beer companies to private photo shoots with well-known celebrities for worldwide publication.

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Abe Alvarez


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