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                         "Totem" by Christina Angelina

Christina Angelina is the featured artist here at Gallery 446. Collect Christina Angelina's works online here.

Venice, California is a place of contrasting visuals: from the tattoo shops and open art boardwalk to the calm beaches and clear skies. It's a place that acts as a petri dish of creativity and inspiration for all who appreciate beauty in the unexpected. Christina Angelina, a Venice based artist, embodies that influence in her art. Her success and continued honest expression make her a unique gem for the Los Angeles art scene. 

Fine artist, street artist, photographer and producer: Angelina’s unique talent lies within every image she constructs, in every single stroke of her brush, in every color she mixes, in every mystical story behind her work.  Her education varies from a BFA in Art in from UCLA to NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and the Art Center College of Design.  Most recently, Angelina completed several paintings and window dressings exclusively for Christian Louboutin at Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills (the paintings have now become part of Neiman Marcus’ permanent collection). In September of 2011 she created the cover art for Rodrigo Y Gabriela’s latest album, “Area 52”.  Angelina has also appeared as herself in several documentaries, films and most recently the music video for Van Hunt's latest single, "Eyes Like Pearls," which debuted in December on Rolling Stone. 

Angelina is a process-oriented artist and her objective is to find the temporal and raw moments that define a lifetime and then cram all the details and nuances into one image. When she isn’t bound by professional commitments or finishing a painting in her studio you can find her wheat-pasting her drawings to the beautifully weathered and sun-stained city walls.

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