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Mickey by Skyler Grey

Skyler Grey is a Los Angeles based street artist. Many people know him from his "Queen Amy Winehouse" sticker that has been put up all over town. He has even recieved requests from all over the world for his popular stickers.

Today, Grey uses his talents to raise money by donating his artwork to different art programs, as well as gifting 10 percent of each sale to charities. Dedicated to the community, Grey serves as an ambassador for Boo2Bullying, After School All-Stars, and Iconic 32.

“The Fresh Prince of Street Art," Skyler Grey is an urban artist and philanthropist. Turning tragedy into triumph, Grey lost his mother when he was two and through his therapy that included drawing, he discovered healing and a love that would later bring him international notoriety as an artist.

"At such a young age, Skyler’s skills could easily make you feel down about your own level of creativity. From skating to painting it seems like kids these days are developing skills at extremely young ages, and diving head first into their careers. Look out for this young artist/entrepreneur in the future, as we’re sure he will only climb in skill and popularity."

source: mass appeal

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