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by Isaac Pelayo

Born in Los Angeles, CA, on June 7th, 1996, Isaac picked up a pencil at a tender age of three and discovered a profound passion. He was compelled to mirror his father and fellow fine artist, Antonio Pelayo Jr., but produced art of his own in the process. Growing up, he found comfort in solace, and it has allowed him to learn what being committed and dedicated meant and he embraced his love for the craft.

His work initiated as a child; from sketching and coloring Disney characters, to now drawing life-like pieces in minuscule and in depth detail using only a pencil. His influences and inspirations lie in his family, other visual artist, musical artist, and the idea of improving his skill on a daily basis. His skills didn’t take long to open up success for him. He won first place at the 2008 12th Annual Western Art Show in Riverside, CA at the age of only 11. He also went on to win other first placements at the VASE Art Contest in Killeen, Texas and at The Hemet Valley Art Competition a few years later.

He is an ambitious young adult who strives to challenge himself to the fullest and has plans on attending professional art schools to take his skill to another level. “Art is the one true way I can reach out to others emotionally, spiritually, and visually to capture to eye of the viewer. I like to provoke emotion through images that words, movies, and books cannot. I could have gone down another path such as graphic design, sculpting, or illustrating, but I felt truly alive at the touch of a single pencil on paper. I have been introduced to an intricate and complex journey that is fulfilling and brings me peace.” - Isaac Pelayo

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